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Mirrorless Cameras. The new age of photography.

We live in a time when photography is the only real language that can communicate your message across the world. The digital information age we live in is a superb time to capture those memories that can be shared with family and friends not only for those close by but also with those who are many miles away.

As 2019 begins I thought I would sort out and update my camera equipment. Just like 35mm film lost out to digital cameras, we are now approaching a time when digital SLR cameras are losing out to what is called mirrorless cameras.

This makes them smaller, faster, and with less moving mechanical parts. Are they any better? Well, that’s out for debate among the photography community. The same discussion that occurred when digital cards replaced 35mm film.

35MM wedding photography in the 70s

A typical 70's weeding with 35mm film. Camera man changing the film. I photographed the camera man. Even in those days I liked the journalistic approach to photography.

I now use mirrorless cameras for capturing weddings and the moments with my family for everyday photography. I’m pleased with the results too.

Cardiff Castle


The professional wedding gear I use is Canon. I use Canon cameras, Canon flashes, and selection of Canon lenses to cover any eventuality. Even my batteries are genuine Canon.

So, having been a member of Canon Professional Services for a few years, I decided to update my information with them today (31/01/19).

After an hour or so checking and adding serial numbers and date of purchase from invoices etc., Im sure I've forgotten to add something though.

When it tallied, I had accumulated enough points to become a GOLD member of Canon Professional Services. Probably would have been a gold member a lot sooner if I sat down and entered all my equipment details.

So, all well and good but what does this do for me, and for you, as my wedding or event customer?

Firstly, Members get access to CPS Priority Support, both locally and at major events; a priority Fast Track repair service; and for my Gold membership—free back-up equipment loans and return shipping on maintenance.

This allows me the following services direct from Canon:

• Priority Support Helpdesk in the UK

• FastTrack Servicing with only 3 days turnaround of service and repairs

• Free back up loan equipment should I need it

• Discount on maintenance

• Worldwide support.

For you as my customer, this will ensure I attend your wedding with modern well-maintained cameras and lenses. Have back up equipment and the full support from Canon Cameras UK if I need it.

Book your wedding or event with confidence.

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