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St Fagans National Museum of History

You just can’t beat a visit to St. Fagan's Museum of History to test out your new camera. Once called the Welsh Folk Museum and also the Museum of Welsh Life. Its got lots of interesting buildings and old items to keep all ages interested.

Visit St Fagans Musium web site for directions etc.

St Fagan's Museum is located west of Cardiff and easily reached from the Motorway. Its signposted very well but if a sat nav is your thing - then head for St Fagans, Cardiff CF5 6XB.

Even the postcode as significants. It is a large user postcode, it was first introduced in 1995 and allocated to organisations which receives a large amount of mail.

So with my new mirrorless Canon EOS R camera - set for Jpg only with a 50mm lens attached I set out to see how the colours and depth of field would look with minor edits. Black and white images for the interiors would be a must. Not a lot of light in some of these buildings.

So basicaly, this is not a camera review, or a review of St Fagans. Its me, with a new camera - taking some photographs of a lovely place I like to visit . Hope you like the photographs.

At the entrance of the museum there is an indoor gallery showing some lovely images and a small selection of items on display.

They even got an old style fish and chip shop set up near the beautiful chrome coffee maker. Look at those tyles.

Once you have done exploring the indoor section, its time to move on and brave the elements of the outdoors. There is lots to see, but with our weather - you got to be prepared for some good old Welsh rain.

The old toll gates from Aberystwith. No longer required in Aberystwith (may change with Brexit) and its free to visit St Fagan's. Car parking is reasable priced too, for only £5 per day. Or you can get a yearly parking pass for only £20. Well worth the £20 if planning a few visits.

To the left of the shop there is an old ironmongers store. Noticed some interesting items in there.

Pretty dark in there with very limited light. But the camera stood up to it very well.

A couple of hours photographing outside and then off for a coffee and bacon sandwich in the cafe situated in the grounds to finish of my morning.

I took about 100 images before the rain stopped play. Because play it was. I enjoyed the morning and the new camera. Pleased with the images it produced so good result.

Thanks for looking.

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