• James Matthews

Do I Need a Wedding Photographer?

Do you need a wedding photographer? Let's see if I can help you decide if you do or don't, and is your uncle up to the job of wedding photographer.

Once the confetti have settled and the honeymoon is over coming the exciting time to receive your wedding photos. Your photographs are the only real reminder you the special day for years to come. Often passed down to generations to look at and comment on how things have altered since your wedding day.

Wedding Photographer in South Wales
Church Wedding Ceremony

How young you looked, the different hairstyles, the clothes, cars, and how you danced. It’s so important then that you’re happy with your wedding photos. It can be one of the biggest wedding regrets for couples that they didn’t hire a profession photographer. Sometimes a family member “with a good camera” will often offer his or her services.

Some manage to capture the day wonderfully, while most do not.

That’s a fact. It takes a lot more than a good camera. Anyway, how do you know it’s a good camera. They look all alike to most people. I once had an uncle at a wedding tell me "I got a camera like that, its in the attic". Little did he know that my camera was the brand new Canon R Mirrorless, Only come off the production line three months earlier. I'm a "Gold" member of Canon Professional Services. This means that I have a lot of Canon equipment that is registered with Canon and maintained by canon

Eyes2Me Photography is Canon Professional Services Registered.
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Will they have any back up equipment on hand – I doubt it. Do photography equipment fail? Well yes, they do. Professional Photographers will take good care of the cameras, lenses and flash etc. But they can still fail. That’s why a professional always got two or even three cameras. Most will have overlapping lenses to cover any individual failure. Often more than one light source too.

A lot of venues are now also asking to see a copy of the photographer’s insurance. It’s pretty certain that your good camera friend will not have this. This might seem a little unfair, but if any damage occurs at the venue by a photographer, the venue will want reimbursement for the damage. Let’s not forget, the contract for the venue hire is with the wedding couple.

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On the matter of insurance, I highly recommend you take out insurance cover for your wedding. If the venue close, or any other wedding services fail before your wedding its good bye to deposits.

All this aside, let’s get back on track. Do you need a wedding photographer? Short answer is no. Nobody needs a wedding photographer. Nobody needs a cake or that lovely dress. But if you have that cake and lovely dress then yes, get yourself a professional photographer who captures all those details and the fun you will be having on your special day. Plan it in. Budget for it. You won't regret it.

OK. You decided you are going to have a photographer. What next. You want the best photographer. Of course, you do. You want the best wedding photographer near you. Of course, you do. Now we got that out the way. How to choose a wedding photographer for you.

Notice I said you. Yes, it’s your wedding, not your friends or family members, Yours. So, look for a wedding photographer for you. One who’s photographs you like (that’s the important bit). One who you can get on with after chatting with. Price. allow between 5% and 10% of your total wedding cost for a professional photographer. Go cheap, yes but you will probably regret it. Cheap for a reason. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Choose between the three of the main styles, There are other styles but most are made of a combination of the main three.

Reportage / Journalistic Photography. Captures emotion and story of the day. Works fast and might not include traditional shots (so check that the photographer will include these if you ask him / her too

Traditional Photography. Classic and timeless shots. Does take a lot of wedding time and may miss some of the emotion of your wedding.

Contemporary Photography. Stunning and artistic shots but could lose some personality and mood. Reminds me of photographs of advertising cloths.

Now its your turn to do some research. Do you want a photographer? How mush are you able to budget? What style do you want.

Eyes2Me Photography.

Reportage / Journalistic Photography style but will include group shots and private moments of the wedding couple if required. They will be quick with very little intrusion of instruction from me.

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Confetti moment at Merthyr Castle

The confetti moments are always a hit with the wedding couple.

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Journalistic style photograph for this lovely couple

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You may kiss the bride

Eyes2Me Photography based in Caerphilly near Cardiff
shot of the wedding group

Cardiff wedding photographer
A true wedding moment

Cardiff wedding photographer
A true wedding moment

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A natural wedding moment.

Do you need a photographer? Only you can decide.

Now pick your style of photographer and get them booked.