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Documentary Street Photography

When i'm not photographing at weddings, i'm often out with my camera shooting the streets. Street photography is considered a good practising ground for the documentary-styled wedding photographer. I feel privileged to have attended street courses across the UK with some of the best known documentary wedding photographers in the UK.

A definition was written recently to help people understand what street photography is.

“A street photograph is essentially a snapshot made by a photographer absolutely connected with the energy and the vibrant in the streets, a photographer with particular skills to document daily life scenes in a public place.”

The street Photographer uses a raw fresh approach to photography. Capturing the unposed images of everyday life as it unfolds in front of the photographer. More precisely a kind of documentary photography.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I find its an everyday practice to keep my eyes sharp looking for that unique photo. Even when I don't have a camera with me i'm still taking the images in my mind.

Below is only a small sample of some street images I have captured over the years.

Photographing the prowler in London
Christmas Street drinks in York Town
Little village in the outback of India 2019
Capturing a photographer in action
Late night opening of street cafe in London
This lady just got her new air guitar from the market stall. It needs tuning.
Fresh Pizza from a street food stall in London
Award winning Photograph of another street photographer in action - York

Only a cat lover would understand this
Walking off into the sunset in Torquay. Printed in an international magazine
Street food in India town
Tower block in London. the simplicity sought my eye.
Killing her softly in Merthyr Tydfil
Mmmm food or an e-cigarett ?? Choices
Bunch of walking birds spotted in Hereford
Motorcycle repair shop in India street. Just another day at work for these guys.
Late night street cleaners in London
More street Photographers in action
Christmas stalls in York a few years ago.
Dirty Dancer
Some sort of street ritual in Devon. Or more Dirty Dancers ?
What a way to park
Selfie time in London
Photography time at the top of Brecon Mountain
More street food in York
London at night. City never sleeps.
Generations. From Pram to shopping trolly
Checking out the Savoy in Monmouth.
Street store in London
Breakfast time in Cardiff Market :(
London street at night
Bus-stop for early morning shoppers
Dinner for two by the beach in Porthcawl. Printed in an International Magazine
Professional Campaigners in Cardiff
Street Kids making their own fun in India
The magic flute :) Captured in Cardiff Queen Street.
Taking the dog for a walk (sort of) in Ystrad Mynach

Side street Cafe's in London
Don't feed the gulls
Just what you need on a cold morning

Fish and chips on the beach in summer.
They been talking in that same spot for the last 50 years

Path back down from the mountain. Walking the Brecon mountains
Fast paced life in London
Off on her winter holidays
Street drinks made fresh for you in India
Bloody awful coffee here?

Another trolly thief spotted in Cwmbran
Typical sunbather in Porthcawl
Street singers in York
Get your own coffee
My feet hurt. Currently on display in The Premier Inn Tenby

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