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I don't want to pose for my wedding photographs.

You don't want to pose for your photographs, and that's understandable. Unless you're a trained model, you are in good company. Many wedding couples are nervous about having their pictures taken with forced smiles and awkward poses.

It would be best to look for a photojournalistic-style photographer to capture natural wedding photographs. Photojournalistic images are becoming popular with wedding couples who want something other than the traditional posed pictures.

Photojournalists are trained and experienced in this style of photography. Most will have worked with agencies to produce newsworthy images for publication or advertising.

They will use modern cameras with fast, high-quality lenses to capture images before you know they were taken. Once the image is achieved, replicating it will be hard. This style of photography will make your wedding images unique to your day.

The photojournalist will shoot images in a candid style using available light or on-camera flash. They work quickly and quietly in the background and have little interaction with you or your wedding guests during the day.

They won't work with wedding lists, but most will take couples or a family group shot or two if you ask them to. The photojournalist aims to capture your day in an unusually intimate documentary style that will produce a documented wedding day story.

Some comments from our wedding photography style

"The photos bring back all the little details of the day that we forgot or didn't see".

"Our photos are very natural and are all amazing."

" A beautiful range of natural photos capturing treasured moments we will cherish always."

"Did a great job at not being noticed and wasn't in the way at all."

"These aren't just pictures to me. They are so much more. They are fragments of time frozen into beautiful images that I will treasure forever."

Local Wedding Photographer Blackwood
Summer Wedding Day Bride


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