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People photography

I'm doing professional Photography as a business because I have enjoyed photographing people since childhood. I think I have always been drawn to the exciting complexities of human behaviour, just like people watching, but this time with a camera. I believe in capturing moments that will never reoccur for that person or persons again. It's like freezing little moments in time. Keen eye and experience allows me to anticipate the shot.

For me, People photography is the most exciting photograph subjects to photograph. People at work, people at rest, or people at play. People getting married or family parties. Or just people on the street going about their business. Photographs of people give us pause for reflection. Images taken only a few years apart of the same person, will often give us pause for reflection, and we will often wonder of how fast that time has passed us by.

Unlike the landscape or the colourful sunsets, photographs of family or friends will often trigger deeper emotions as our minds go back to the time the image was taken. We photograph our loved ones, friends, and even strangers who appear to interest us.

Children often give us that special moment that must be photographed for future generations to see.

Christening at Gelligaer Church

Family Photograph taken at Bargoed Park

No other subject is as vast and varied as people photography. With street Photography, I don't approach anybody I don't find interesting to photograph. I'm looking for images that reflect a mood or moment at that particular time. It's pretty much people watching with a camera. Sitting at an outdoor cafe with a large black coffee and I'm away. Watching people interact with others or offering rewards to kids if they behave is just part of everyday life.

Street Photographer in Action.York

While on a family break in Yorkshire I captured this photographer in action. It got me an interesting photograph and won me an international award too.

Cardiff indoor market. Taken a few years ago. I liked the way the panda was approaching the cafe customer. We know it's not real, who would allow a panda to walk on a table in Cardiff. But give me a laugh.

Cardiff indoor Market taken a few years ago

I'm often in Caerphilly or Cardiff looking for that street photograph that hasn't been captured before. Not as easy as it sounds these days. But that's the challenge in street photography. 2020 as given us the COVID-19. Yielding new crops of photographs that are very different indeed.

This image was captured in the shopping centre of Caerphilly. Notice the arrows on the floor for people to walk one way. Just some of the new restrictions in place because of Covid-19

Caerphilly welcoming shoppers back after lockdown

A few images taken for the Welsh Ambulance Service in South Wales during 2020.

Staff wearing PPE to undertake their work.

Even our environment is changing due to COVID. Signs on doors and limited numbers allowed in appearing everywhere, people wearing masks is now not only common to see but is now mandatory at some placed. Let's hope this is a year we can all look back on. It will undoubtedly give us an emotion of reflection of this terrible year.

Shop Sign during Covid-19 in 2020
Shopping in Tesco Ystrad Mynach during covid-19 restrictions 2020

Let's end this blog on more cheerful note.

A Children's Party in Bargoed. And a football match over Oakdale near Blackwood. It didn't half rain that day.

Kids birthday party in Bargoed
Football match in Oakdale

Street food seller in India. He was making what looked like an omelette ?

Street Food in India 2019
Book reading in Hereford
Charity Boxing match in Cardiff
Out on his tractor for some serious digging

People photographer. If its got people in it, I probably want to photograph it.. But no babies :)

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