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  • James Matthews

Wedding Photographer - Wedding Kids

Should you invite Kids to your wedding? Kids at a wedding can be both a joy and a problem, and sometimes at the same time during the wedding day. But they do make some interesting and funny photographs.

My documentary photography style gives me a lot of opportunities to capture the magic moments of kids in action. Screaming tantrums and running about are usual. But some pull it all together in one shot.

Below are my top 25 picks of kids at weddings that I have photographed over the last few years.

This is lovely. What is it ?
Wedding Kids - Yummy. Wedding in Bath
Bryn Meadows near Blackwood.
Wedding kids - Horrible taste. Wedding in Cardiff
Don't come any closer
Wedding kids - Don't come any closer. Wedding in Caerphilly
Giss a kiss mam
Wedding Kids - Giss a kiss. Wedding in Bridgend
Wedding kids wanting the camera
Wedding Kids - Give me that camera. Maes Manor Hotel Blackwood
Kids not playing ball for the photographs
Wedding Kids - go away. Wedding in Blackwood
Wedding Kids - Enjoying a cake. Wedding in Cardiff
Photograph of a child at a wedding in Blackwood
Wedding Kids- Bryn Meadows Hotel
Child getting ready to attend a wedding in Maes Manor Blackwood
Wedding Kids- Time to get ready
Child at a wedding in Vale Hotel near Cardiff
Wedding Kids - Vale Hotel Cardiff
Wedding Kids - Vale Hotel near Cardiff. Not very happy about this wedding
Wedding Kids - Vale Hotel near Cardiff
Photographing a wedding at the Celtic Manor near Newport South Wales
Wedding Kids - Celtic Manor near Newport
Wedding photographed at the village hotel Cardiff
Wedding Kids- Enjoying some sweets. Wedding at Village Hotel Cardiff
When will the wedding sweet shop open
Wedding Kids - Sweet shop closed. Wedding in Blackwood
Kids becoming eco warriors at Llancaiach Fawr Wedding
Wedding Kids - Eco warriors at Llancaiach Fawr Wedding
Wedding Kids - Bubbles time. Village hotel Cardiff
Having her hair done for the wedding day
Wedding Kids - Getting ready for the wedding
Child crying for some more sweets at a wedding
Wedding Kids - Life is not all good. Wedding in Caerphilly
kids posing for a photograph in Blackwood Maes Manor Hotel
Wedding Kids- Best friends. Wedding at Maes Manor Blackwood
Child at a wedding joining in the wedding fun
Wedding Kids - Dancing the night away. Canada Lodge near Cardiff
Wedding photograph of child posing for the camera
Wedding Kids - Dance of the vampires. At Maes Manor Blackwood
Wedding kids blowing kisses to the photographer.
Wedding Kids - Blowing kisses to the photographer. Blackwood
eco warriors at a wedding in Caerphilly
Wedding Kids - More eco warriors at a wedding in Caerphilly
Wedding Kids. When it rains it rains. Bryn Meadows Hotel
Wedding Kids - When it rains it rains. Bryn Meadows Hotel
Wedding kids having an evening dance
Wedding Kids - Strutting his stuff on the dance floor

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