• James Matthews

Pony and rider photography at Nelson Caerphilly.

I take photos of family events because I have a real passion for real life documentary photography.

I was invited by some local owners to take some photograph of them and their horses at a local stables in Nelson near Caerphilly. It was a hard bright sunny day, and some of the horses just didn't want to play this day.

One took about 30 minutes to catch for the photographs. Once he was caught he just laughed at us? They have a strange sense of humour.

Course laughing at a pony shoot in Nelson Caerphilly
Having a laugh at a pony event

Surprised how much of an upkeep these horses take. The day starts around 06:00 to clean them out and feed them etc.

Hours and its owner at a stables in Nelson Caerphilly
Event Photography in Nelson Caerphilly

Just a small sample of some of the photographs taken on the day.

Please get in touch with me if you are looking for a family event photographer. I cover South Wales and the border counties.