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A Documentary Style of Wedding Photography in Caerphilly South Wales 

When choosing a wedding photographer, many brides are now opting for a documentary style of photography. 

Eyes2Me Photography is based in Caerphilly and brings a relaxed and unobtrusive vibe to your wedding day photography. 


Ensuring you're not just posing for photographs but truly enjoying every magical moment of your wedding day! 


The main focus of documentary wedding photography is to capture the wedding day candidly and unobtrusively. It aims to document the real moments, emotions, and interactions of the couple and their loved ones without staging or directing them.


So, if you're a bride looking for a wedding photographer, consider the beauty and uniqueness of documentary-style photography – a true art that captures the magic and emotions of your special day.

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Sara, Village Hotel Cardiff.

"I can't recommend eyes2me photography enough. Nothing was too much for him throughout our wedding day. It was like he was there but wasn't, and every picture was captured. Down to earth, too. Highly recommended. If you want a photographer, this guy is 100%."

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