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Closing of Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff

Considered "cutting edge" and costing £350,000 (about £37.5m in today's money) and ten years to build, the Cardiff City Asylum Hospital opened on 15 April 1908, It closed its doors to patients 108 years later in 2016.

I was fortunate to document the closure of Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff during 2015 and 2016 by taking hundreds of images both inside and out of the hospital for the Historical Society. The photos were then displayed at Whitchurch during their exhibition to mark its closure in 2016 and its 108th years anniversary.

Some of the images were later exhibited in Llandough Hospital for a short time before the Historical Society used them again for publicity and further exhibitions. Please take a look at the smartphone app of just some of the images.

Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff

Sun shining between the dark clouded sky over the main building at Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff

The grounds of Whitchurch hospital Cardiff.

108 Years celebration event

The public exhibition at Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff

Old window in Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff

Cleaning in Progress due to rain damage
One of the many corridors in the hospital
Kitchen area to make the hospital food
One of the many corridors to the wards
Old rubber matted doors
Gate area to the ward gardens
Old bell on the wall outside the hospital ward
The Hospital Tower
The flyer used to advertise the exhibition in Llandough Hospital Vale of Glamorgan

The exhibition flyer

Llandough Hospital Exhibition

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