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Traditional Wedding Albums Vs Digital Albums

In the modern digital age, most brides are now switching from traditional wedding albums to other ways to view and share their photographs.

Although classical wedding albums can be beautiful keepsakes, they are costly to produce and require time and skill to set the record to the bride's requirements. In the pre-digital days the only way to view your images were on albums or prints.

The older generation still prefers the traditional of an expected printed album. Modern brides of today prefer the digital approach. Not only saving considerable money for a keepsake but preferring iPads smartphones and of course the digital album for the home.

We provide a smartphones app with about 80 images of your special day. These are included in the price, and no purchase of a traditional album is required. It's the smart way to share and carry your images with you.

  • There is no additional cost to you for modern digital albums

  • Easy to carry and share with family and friends

  • Available via the internet

  • Easily moved from one media platform to another

  • Simple storage and looks as good as the day they were taken

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