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Congratulations to Photographer Jim Matthews based in South Wales

I hardly ever go out without my camera. One afternoon in Porthcawl I was walking down towards the beach front and although I passed this anchor on many occasions, the light was just right and brought out the texture of the old rusting metal.

I photographed it and a few days later edited it Black and white. Then I added 16% copper into the shadows. This give it an old image look but not sepia like the Wild West.

Some days later I was looking at some images on ViewBug website and noticed a competition was running. The image was just sitting on my computer desktop so I uploaded it. Not expecting it to get anywhere near the top. But at the end of the competition (I didn't win) but got this message below:

"Congratulations Jim Matthews Photographer based in South Wales UK. You ranked in the Top 10% of most popular photographers in 2016; you are part of what makes ViewBug such a special place!"

For a casual late entry I was pleased to have come even close to this.

I'm unable to find any information concerning the anchor. However, it is reported that Porthcawl harbour was a busy port in 1825 for coal exports. The port lost its working status during 1906 and is now used for pleasure boating and local fishing.

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