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Wedding  Photography Pictures and Packages in South Wales

How much should you spend on a wedding photographer?

How much you should spend on a photographer is a personal choice. Some want the day captured, while others may wish to have the wedding turned into a photo shoot. The cost comes down to what you want and how much you are prepared to pay. As a guide to the wedding photographer's cost, below is a ballpark figure for your thoughts on how much you should spend.

The average photography cost in the Cardiff areas is between £741 £1,650. The differential is often due to what is included in the price. Some include albums, while others do not.

Before you speak to a photographer Do you want a photographer to capture your wedding? Some brides don't want a photographer but will give in to family pressure. You must decide if you want a photographer and how you want the day captured. Not your family. You will be the centre of attention for the photographer.

If you want a photographer, begin by deciding what you want and how much you are prepared to spend on your chosen photographer.

  • First, you should decide on the style of photographer you want.

  • Are you looking for more traditional photographs with many poses, and can you allocate much of your wedding time to the photographer?

  • Contemporary style with some time set for poses and then candid shots

  • Photojournalistic style. Keeps out of the way and captures the real action as it happens. Taking very little to no time for you to enjoy your wedding. Will often photograph family requests but will not pose the image.

  • Your wedding date needs to be confirmed. It's not a rough period or just a month.

  • Establishing the location of the ceremony and registration is essential. Again, this information must be obtained before contacting a photographer.

Do some homework? Look at wedding magazines or wedding photographs online; see what style of images you are drawn to. Look for a traditional photographer if you are attracted to the heavily posed images. If you like photos that capture the day's fun but don't want to pose, look for a journalistic-style photographer. It’s your wedding, so pick the style you want. But be sure you understand each photographer will have a style they follow, and this style is what you want.

Once you decide on your wedding photography style, you need to look at your budget for what you are prepared to pay for this style of photographer. As a rule of thumb, if you want to capture your wedding day, you should be looking to spend 5% - 10% of your total wedding cost. So for a £10,000 wedding, you are looking between £500-£1,000 for the photographer. A £20,000 wedding, then it's £1,000 to £2,000. You get the idea. This is not an accurate cost, but it will give you a ballpark figure to work with your budget.

Photography is a competitive industry, so you may get your chosen photographer for less than the going rate without losing quality or service. Some offer discounts depending on the time of year or day of the week. A wedding in February will attract a lower cost than one in August. The same is true for a day of the week. A wedding on Wednesday will attract a lower price than one on Saturday.

The professionals will have lots of experience, insurance, quality equipment, and Professional grade lenses. Back up equipment. Usually, belong to a photography organisation. They can show you lots of past wedding images in print and digital. Often, you will have awards and qualifications to show you. Payments are usually made to a business account or can take credit cards. Some will accept regular part payments.

Best business of 2017

With this information, you call your photographer.

  • I have looked at your website and liked your style of photography

  • I'm looking for a photographer from 11 am until the first dance at about 8 pm

  • I’m getting married at ???? with the reception at ?????

  • Are you available on this date?

  • Can you give me a price for this and set out what is included in the price.

  • You can call me back at this number ?????????? or email me at ?????????

The above is an example of how you have done your homework and know what you want. If it's out of your budget, consider fewer hours of photography and see what compromise you both come up with. If you want the photographer and he or she is available, then you can often make it work.

However, if you are looking in the bargain bin, don't expect too much for your money. The cheap bin often contains photographers with little experience, no backup equipment, no insurance, old or cheap cameras and lenses, and often requesting cash payments.

Never book a photographer based on just price. It won’t work for you or the photographer and often leads to disappointment.

Here are some examples of enquiries from brides and family members who have not done any homework or thought about the photographer style they want at their wedding.

The bargain hunters looking for a photographer will often ask these questions

  • What is your price to photograph my wedding

  • We are on a budget

  • What do I get for my money

  • Do you supply albums at this price

  • How many photographs will I have

  • How long will it take to deliver

  • Will I have a disc or USB

There is no mention of the date, Wedding venue, or even consideration of the style of the photographer. The above is often looking in the bargain bin of photographers and shudder at the thought of professional rates. They won't care about insurance or backup equipment. They want the price so low they don't consider anything else. But often expect the photographer to produce outstanding work for a very low cost... Disappointment usually follows.

We all love a bargain. But do your homework and get a photographer in the style you want.

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