• James Matthews

Photographing the end of Whitchurch Hospital Cardiff

Working with the Historical Society in Cardiff, I had the pleasure of photographing most areas of Whitchurch Hospital just before its closure. Photographed in black and white to capture the texture and the history of this great building.

The Whitchurch Hospital Historical Society is a small group of individuals who meet monthly to preserve and publish information and artefacts relating to Whitchurch Hospital in Cardiff. It is a unique place, with a fascinating history.

Since Whitchurch Hospital closed to inpatients, the Hospital Historical Society has been collaborating with various organisations such as Cardiff university on small scale Whitchurch hospital exhibitions.

I feel very honoured to have played a small part in documenting this hospital in Cardiff. I have had exhibitions with some of the images at Llandough Hospital and Barry centre.

The hospital is reported to have taken ten years to build at the cost of £350,000 in 1908. That's about £37.5 million at today's equivalent value.

As for its future, who knows. Nothing planned apart from preventing the vandalism with security fencing and patrols.