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Wedding Photography during Covid-19 in Wales

Wedding Photography during Covid-19 in Wales

Well, it’s no secret that the wedding industry is on its knees due to COVID-19. The level of information is also so confusing regarding weddings. It’s not even UK based information. You got the national news telling you one thing, then local news telling you another.

Bride and groom kissing
You May Kiss the bride

So in an to attempt to clear some concerns the Welsh Government have posted regulations on line that can be read here

Under the Welsh Government guidance all guests and brides and grooms have to wear face coverings, but couples are allowed to remove them for a kiss, taking vows, and the first dance - as long as guests stay two metres away.

Photographing a Wedding in Cardiff
Bridal tears of joy

Some pointers considering weddings and wedding Preparations

What guidance is in place for beauty salons?

The guidance is kept under review and we recommend that the industry continues to refer to our website for the most recent version. We continue to work with the beauty industry to ensure the guidance is clear and reflects appropriate ways of working’

When providing close contact services it is generally not possible to maintain physical distancing. As a result most service providers will need to wear some form of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a visor. You will also need to wear a face covering, and will be expected to provide contact details.

So yes, at the moment you can go to a beauty salon but wear a mask or face visor.

My hairdresser is open, can they now provide other services such as doing my nails?

Yes, it is now possible for salons to provide multiple types of services. But again we strongly advise that treatments on the face should not take place at this time.

Guests checking their hair moments
wedding day hair styles

Are all potential wedding or civil partnership ceremony venues now open?

Yes, all premises that are licenced to conduct a solemnisation of marriage or the formation of civil partnerships can now open for wedding and civil partnership ceremonies. However this is subject to the need to take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of spreading the virus on the premises.

Photographing a wedding in Caerphilly
Caerphilly Wedding Ceremony

Are there limits to the number of people who can attend ceremonies?

The number who will be able to attend a ceremony indoors will be limited by the capacity of the venue where it is being held, once physical distancing measures have been taken into account.   It is not affected by the general restriction on gatherings of above six people, and people are allowed to enter or leave areas with local restrictions to attend ceremonies (but not receptions).  

To ensure that the maximum number that can attend is observed attendance must be by invitation only. 

Covid Rules and weddings
Wedding Venue resrictions

Are face coverings required in wedding and civil partnership ceremonies?

Guests will need to wear coverings, but given the importance to couples of the ceremony and the level of risk involved, we consider it is reasonable for the couple to remove their coverings for a kiss, for taking vows and for a “first dance”, as long as other measures are in place to protect people attending the ceremony from the risk of contracting coronavirus, for example, guests staying 2m away from the couple at all times.

Wedding Photography during Covid-19 in Wales

Little bit extreme for a wedding?

What are the rules on holding receptions?

A reception for up to 30 people can take place outdoors or, where the wedding takes place on or after 22 August, indoors. Where the reception takes place indoors, it will need to take place in regulated premises (such as pubs, restaurants, hotels or community centres) and there are limits on the type of activity that can take place – for example loud music should not be played, and any food provided should be served at the table rather than at a buffet.

These guides may differ in other parts of the UK, or change in a matter of weeks.


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