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  • James Matthews

Wedding Photography: How much time do I need

At some point during your wedding planning, you are going to ask the question, “How many hours should I book my wedding photographer for?”. I have been shooting weddings since 2012. During this time, I have seen many brides ask this question. Since this is a common question from brides, I want to help answer this question based on my experience as a professional wedding photographer.

We charge you an hourly rate. The price is determined based on how many hours we need to take to cover your wedding day. For weddings only, this time starts thirty minutes before the actual ceremony time. If you want bridal preparations photographs, the time starts from the agreed time we arrive.

Booking your wedding photographer for a specific number of hours is a good idea because it can help you to lower the cost of your wedding photography session. Booking a photography package or wedding price options, you usually pay for the time you don't need coverage for.

How can we help you with establishing your hours?

First, we look at the wedding day schedule. Do you want bridal preps? Is it an early morning wedding or a late afternoon? Do you want just the ceremony or the full day covered?

Questions you need to consider before asking for "a price."

  • Do I want bridal preparations photographed

  • Do I just want the ceremony covered

  • Im considering the ceremony coverage and the wedding speeches

  • I don't want the wedding evening photographed

  • I want it all. From the wedding preparations, into the evening disco.

Once you have this in mind its easy for us to give you a fixed price for your wedding photography.

  • Bridal Preparations. 90 mins before ceremony time is all that's usualy required

  • Standard wedding ceremony is usually an hour. We require two hours minim for ceremony only cover.

  • A standard full wedding photography session will usualy last between 8-10 hours on the day

The Wedding Day Schedule

You just need to enter the actual ceremony time on the schedule and work backwards for bridal preps, forward for the speeches or the evening party.

Examples of average wedding day photography:

A 2-hour coverage will usually be enough for the average wedding ceremony.

  • Arrival of guests

  • Ceremony coverage

  • After shots including the confetti throw

A 6-hour coverage will usually be enough for the average half day wedding.

  • Ceremony cover

  • Speeches before or after the wedding breakfast

  • Cutting the cake

  • First Dance

A 10-12-hour coverage will usually be enough for an average extended wedding day.

  • Bridal preparations

  • Ceremony cover

  • Speeches before or after the wedding breakfast

  • Cutting the cake

  • First Dance

  • Wedding evening Party

We are always happy to discuss your wedding and offer advice on how long you may need us for.

Included in the hourly cost:

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