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Who is Eyes2Me Photography

Who is Eyes2Me Photography

Hello, I’m James Matthews, the owner of Eyes2Me Photography Limited. At about ten years of age and with much persuasion, I finally got a Russian made 35mm camera with a small zoom lens from my father. I think he swapped some pigeons for it.

Unlike most other photographers who got the photography bug from their parents or grandparents, my family were never into photography and couldn’t understand why I wanted a camera. I think I was the only member of the family with a camera.

I became the one with a "good camera". Photographing many family occasions along the way. School trips was always captured. I especially liked the lions of Longleat. My school girlfriend (now my wife) was my model at the time.

Skipping ahead to my adult years, and with some encouragement from family and friends, I formed Eyes2Me Photography. The name Eyes2Me was inspired by a local tyre sales company I seen on the way home from booking a wedding in Cardiff. Although my first instinct was to go with James Matthews Photography. As most photographers select their name for their business. For a while I did go with my name but liked Eyes2Me Photography better.

I took part in an intensive wedding photography course. It was an excellent and informative course. However, the traditional posed images were not something I enjoyed photographing. I like the natural un-posed photos of people. I thought what’s the point in shooting something I don’t enjoy doing. I like the natural images of people. Capturing the natural expressions of people at weddings and events was the style of photography I enjoy photographing.

While undertaking a Diploma in Photography, it was suggested that I keep a file of all the images that I particularly liked or was drawn too. This course of action would help me find a photography style and passion for the type of images I was drawn to.

Local photographer capturing the moment at a Caerphilly Wedding
Local photographer capturing the moments at a Wedding in Caerphilly

I found that I was inspired by many photographers and especially the works of Robert Frank, Don McCullin, Kevin Mullins and Jeff Ascough. However, the work and humour of Elliott Erwitt still inspire some of my images. I have been fortunate to have attended workshops with both Kevin Mullins and Jeff Ascough. Both highly acclaimed award winning wedding photographers.

I joined a number of photography groups and associations over the years. However, I was drawn to the lure of the coveted title "Master Photographer" and joined the Master Photographers Association. With their mentorship I was awarded my Licentiate as a Master Photographer early 2020. Earning the title of "Master Photographer". Below is a copy of the local press release that also appeared in the South Wales Wedding Magazine.

Eyes2Me Photography - PRESS RELEASE

James Matthews, from Eyes2Me Photography based in Caerphilly, has just been awarded his Licentiateship of the Master Photographer Association (LMPA) with a stunning panel of Images in the Commercial category, which is James’s speciality.

The judges’ comments given to James included words like sheer quality, impact, stunning, outstanding and unique, which explained the strength of the whole panel.

Licentiateship of the MPA, is the hardest qualification to achieve within the photographic profession, as this takes a great deal of time, work and dedication to your art to reach this level. Entering the Association at probationary level and reaching the required high standards of this qualification is such a massive achievement.

Not only do you have to submit an extensive panel of photographic images, which are displayed and judged in front of 5 highly respected Fellows of the industry, but you also must produce an in depth working profile, about your work and business practises.

This document goes into the Health & Safety elements that must be understood when dealing with the public, also have professional insurances that protect the public.

This is the reason why the public should only book a qualified professional photographer to photograph those precious memories in life, their wedding, pets or family and children, as it’s the only way they have of knowing they will get the best creative photographs and personal service possible.

Master Photographer at work
Master Photographer at work
Trading Standards Approved

After a lot of hard work preparing document and interviews I was accepted as the only photographer in Wales to become Trading Standards Approved. In other words "Buy With Confidence" I was surprised how intensive they are before accepting a business into the pre-approved scheme. I had to provide a list of 50 wedding couples that I photographed and they picked 10 at random to provide me with a reference.

Volunteering my Photography Services

I volunteer my photography services with the Remember My Baby Organisation. Helping parents with the pain of still birth.

I also volunteer photographing of families living with a terminal illness, Providing lasting memories of the family.

During October 2019 I spent three weeks of my own time photographing Paramedics in India who have also given up their own time to teach first aid to schools that are many miles from hospitals or first aid posts. This event was self-funding and help from some local business with sponsorship. An experience that I hope to repeat in 2022.

Volunteer Photographer working in India
Volunteer Photography