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Your Complete Wedding Experience

Twelve Questions and Answers that are guaranteed to enhance your wedding day. By the wedding day Guru Jonathan Ian Waterman.

Twelve questions that you need answered when beginning to plan your wedding. This ebook is available from Amazon.

  • Chapter One - Booking your perfect venue?

  • Chapter Two - What type of Wedding Ceremony do you require?

  • Chapter Three – Consideration of Wedding Insurance?

  • Chapter Four - How to decide on your choice of Catering for your wedding?

  • Chapter Five - Your Professional Wedding Toastmaster ?

  • Chapter Six - Booking your Professional Wedding Photographer?

  • Chapter Seven - Booking your professional Wedding Videographer?

  • Chapter Eight - Your Entertainment?

  • Chapter Nine - Your Wedding Décor?

  • Chapter Ten - Your Wedding Transport?

  • Chapter Eleven - Your Personal Wedding Website and Facebook Group?

  • Chapter Twelve - Other Wedding Suggestions?

An easy to read from start to finish in just 30 pages. Covering most of what you need to know to start your wedding day planning in the right direction.

Available from Amazon For only £5.99 its the best investment you could make before starting out your wedding day plans.

Jonathan Waterman on Facebook Exclusive Celebrant, Planner and Toastmaster.


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