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Your Wedding Day Budget

When you're planning a wedding - the couple (and family who sometimes chip in,) will usually have a budget in mind on the expenditure for each part of the wedding day.


  • Wedding Dress for the bride (£1,000 +)

  • Dress for bridesmaids (£1,000 +)

  • Hair and Make up for the bride and bridesmaids £300 +)

  • Hire Clothes for the groom and best man (£300+)

  • Cars (£500+)

  • Church / Venue (£5,000 +)

  • Seat Covers / Decorations (£500+)

  • Catering / Drinks (£4,000 +)

  • Table Decorations (£800+)

  • Wedding Cake (£500 +)

  • Wedding Flowers (£500+)

  • Entertainment, Band / Disco (£1,000+)

So you are looking at around £15,000 minimum just for the actual wedding day. Not including invitations, wedding rings and honeymoon etc. (most will pay a lot more).

A quick look over the internet will show the average total cost of a wedding in 2019 was £31,974. More information on the average wedding budget from this website

All these services will be used for one day, and one day only. The cake is eaten, the flowers will die, cars are gone home, the venue is cleaned ready for the next bride, table decorations are carried off by guests (some vanish into thin air) Etc.

But what about the photographer budget?

  • Photographer (£1,000 +) That's a lot of money just for just one day. Why so expensive??

Your wedding photographs will last a lifetime. But the cost is only between 5% and 10% of just your wedding day budget. A lot less if you take into account the rings, gifts, honeymoon, etc. Your photographer will capture your day and you can re-live the moments over and over.

So let's look at the wedding day budget in a little more detail.

Wedding Budget

Wedding Photography Pricing. Its not just one day - Whats included.

What is involved in wedding photography
Wedding Photographer price

Could you use a family member or friend to take photo's and save on the costs?

Well, yes. But it's not a good idea. Take a look at this bride who really regretted it

Family Photographer

Typical Bride and Groom clients who book with us

  • Our typical client will want a photographer to document their wedding and have a realistic budget for the services they want.

  • Is not interested in looking in the bargain bin for cheap inexperienced photographers with limited equipment and no insurance.

  • Enjoys having fun. It's your day, not the photographers

  • Have the option to pay with credit cards or PayPal if they prefer

  • Looking to book a professional photographer

Customers are our business Customer Service is our priority.

Swansea wedding photography
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